Saturday, February 16, 2008

GroceryBag Bag

The last thing I made on my weekend DIYing spree was to make a bag out of old plastic bags. First I took an old grocery bag layed it flat, then I cut the bottom and the handles off I then cut it in half giving me a sheet of plastic. Next I folded it four times making sure the printing was on the inside. Then I put down a sheet of wax paper placed the bag on that and covered it with a second piece of plastic and ironed away until it was one thick piece of plastic. Then I used it just like fabric and made a little bag. But I took it a step further and cut out the letters E-T-H-A-N and iron them onto a piece of plastic so I had a logo to show that it was the real deal not some cheap knock off of the soon to me famous Ethan designer bags.. The bag it super cool if I was a girl that is. This also was fun project to make on a weekend.

But I liked the first one so much I made a smaller one. Only this one was just a proof of concept. I made a small bag then I iron a second sheet of plastic other the seams giving me a 100% waterproof bag. So look out for a full size on next weekend.

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